Immunization requirements for the 2022-23 school year

All children entering public school are required to have an updated CIS (certificate of imminization) form or properly filled out COE (certificate of exemption) on file at their child's school before the first day of attendance. RCW 28A.210.080

Beginning this year your child may be given conditional status to begin school, if they are on an up to date schedule to complete their immunizations. They must have had the last possible dose of any given immunization prior to attending, and you can work with your school's nurse to continue the path to full immunization. Below are helpful links and FAQ's to guide you. Please contact your school's nurse as the rules for immunization can be confusing. Nurse Directory

Vaccines for Students

You are encouraged to access your family's immunizations records on the Washington State immunization information page, called myIR. Click HERE to learn more about accessing your family's immunization information. It takes a couple of minutes to register and you can then print the needed form for your child. Contact your child's health care provider, if it is not completely filled out and you can work with them to have it completed.

Link to blank CIS (certificate of immunization)-
Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS)
Link to the COE (certificate of exemption)-
Certificate of Exemption Personal/Religious
Link to laws pertaining to school immunizations-
Immunization Law and Rules - Schools
FAQ to starting school in conditional status
FAQ on Conditional Status