Requesting Public Records

Public records

Stanwood-Camano School District follows federal law, Washington state law, and its policy and procedures to establish the process for requesting and accessing public records.

Requests for Public Records

Requests to inspect or copy public records shall be made pursuant to the School District’s Policy and Procedure.

To make a Request for Public Records, please use this form

Return the form via email to [email protected], at the District Office, or via mail to: Public Records Officer; Stanwood-Camano School District; 26920 Pioneer Highway, Stanwood, WA 98292 

Requestors will receive a response within five business days of receiving a valid/proper public records request.

A request must be for an "existing, identifiable record" or "class of records" before the School District must respond to it. An "identifiable record" is one that School District staff can reasonably locate. However, a requestor is not required to identify the exact record requested.The School District has no obligation to create new records to fulfill a request. Requests are subject to the records which existed as of the date the request was submitted. Requests will not apply to records which come into existence at any time after the request is made, including those which may come into existence while the request is open. 

Questions? Please contact Director of Communications Evan Caldwell at 360-629-1200 or [email protected]

Copying / Fees

The School District will set a fee schedule based on applicable law.


The School District may deny access to a public record or a part of a public record that is exempt from public disclosure under the provisions of the law. 

If a document is exempt from public disclosure, the School District will specify the reason for exemption.

Public Records Laws

Common terms to know

  • "Exempt" means that a law allows or requires the withholding of a record, or a portion thereof, from disclosure.

  • "Fullest assistance" means a timely and thorough action and response to a public records request within the monthly time period budgeted for employees to respond to public records in order to avoid unreasonable interference with employees' essential job functions.

  • "Public Records Officer" or "PRO" means any such person designated for processing public records requests and is the person responsible for assisting departments with public records requests and responses.

  • "Public record" means any record containing information relating to the conduct of government or the performance of any governmental or proprietary function prepared, owned, used, or retained by the School District regardless of physical form, characteristics, or storage type.

  • "Redact" refers to the method of protecting from public viewing the portion of a record that is statutorily exempt from public disclosure.

  • "Withholding log" is a list of records or portions thereof that are responsive to a public records request but are exempt from disclosure, together with a reference to the specific record; the date of the record; the author; the subject; to whom the record is addressed and copied; the number of pages to which the statutory exemption is being applied; and a brief explanation of how the exemption applies to the record.


For requesting public records, please contact the Public Records Officer:

Director of Communications
Evan Caldwell
26920 Pioneer Highway
Stanwood, WA 98292
Phone: 360-629-1200
Fax: 360-629-1484
Email: [email protected]

To make a Request for Public Records, please use this form