Our mission for the Highly Capable Program in the Stanwood-Camano School District is to provide specially designed educational opportunities that ensure the social, emotional, and academic growth for qualified students with most exceptional need.

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What does it mean to be highly capable?

Highly capable students perform or show potential for performing at significantly advanced academic levels when compared to others of their age, experience or environment. Outstanding abilities are recognized within a student's general intellectual aptitude, specific academic abilities and/or creative abilities.

Highly capable students often display the following characteristics:

  • Capacity to learn with unusual depth of understanding

  • Capacity to retain what has been learned and transfer to new situations

  • Willingness to deal with increasing levels of abstraction and complexity

  • Capacity for intense focus and concentration

  • Ability to make unusual connections among ideas and concepts

  • Ability to learn quickly in their area(s) of intellectual strength

What does rigor look like in the highly capable program?

We strive for every classroom in the Stanwood-Camano School district to be rigorous where every student is learning and performing at high levels. Rigor does not mean doing more of the same and a significant amount of homework is not necessarily a sign of rigor. Students thinking critically, problem solving and applying their learning to new situations, and gaining new skills are signs of rigor. We work to incorporate varied learning styles, hands-on and project based learning and technology in our classrooms to increase rigor.