Seizure Disorder

What if my student has a SEIZURE DISORDER?

Physician orders for medication, a school health care plan, medications, and supplies MUST BE IN PLACE at your student's school BEFORE YOUR STUDENT CAN START/ATTEND SCHOOL. Please get in your touch with your School Nurse as early as possible to ensure your student's safety. Nurse Directory

The School Nurse will create a School Health Plan for your student. This plan outlines what action staff must take to support your student's seizure disorder. The School Health Plan is available to staff that work with your student (including substitutes).

Parents/Guardians must provide the School Nurse with:

  1. FILL OUT SEIZURE QUESTIONNAIRE: Seizure Disorder Questionnaire

  2. RELEASE OF INFORMATION: Allows the School Nurse to communicate directly with your student's healthcare provider: please request from your nurse, different providers require different forms.

  3. MEDICATION & ORDERS: Please complete the parent/guardian portion of the Administration of Medication at School Form and have your student's physician complete and sign the form. Please return the form prior to your student starting school.

**Emergency Anticonvulsants can be stored and administered in school by the registered nurse (RN). Rectal medications can only be administered by a School Nurse or paramedic. If your student has a rectal emergency medication that needs to be administered when a School Nurse is not available, paramedics will be called.

All Medications Are Required:

  • To be in their original pharmacy labeled container
  • To match the Licensed Healthcare Provider's order
  • Not be expired
  • We recommend having a "Three-Day Disaster Supply" of daily medications at school to be administered in case of lock-down. Please touch base with your School Nurse about overnight field trips / athletic trips.