September 20, 2022 Regular Meeting Minutes

Stanwood-Camano School District #401
Administration and Resource Center Boardroom
26920 Pioneer Hwy, Stanwood, Washington 98292

September 20, 2022 - 6:00 PM

President Natalie Hagglund called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM

Board Members Present: Al Schreiber, Charlotte Murry, Miranda Evans, Natalie Hagglund
Board Member(s) Absent: Ken Christoferson (Excused)

President Hagglund led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Director Al Schreiber moved to approve the Agenda for the September 20, 2022 Regular Board Meeting; seconded by Director Charlotte Murry.

Aye: Directors Al Schreiber, Charlotte Murry, Miranda Evans, Natalie Hagglund

Passed - Unanimously

1. Hunter Sparrow, Stanwood High School
2. Jason Orzel, Lincoln Hill High School
Superintendent Rumbaugh administered the Student Advisor Oath of Office to Hunter Sparrow and Jason Orzel. The student advisors were congratulated and welcomed into their new role.

September 6, 2022 Regular Meeting Minutes
Director Miranda Evans moved to approve the Minutes for the September 6, 2022 Regular Board Meeting; seconded by Director Charlotte Murry.

Aye: Directors Al Schreiber, Charlotte Murry, Miranda Evans, Natalie Hagglund

Passed - Unanimously

1. Donations
Student Advisors Jason Orzel and Hunter Sparrow presented the Donations. Superintendent Rumbaugh extended her appreciation to the donors.

2. Enrollment - Deborah Rumbaugh
Superintendent Rumbaugh presented September enrollment at 4,616 FTE (Full Time Equivalent Students) and noted projected enrollment was budgeted at 4,597 FTE.

3. Student and District Safety Update - Ryan Ovenell
Ryan Ovenell, Deputy Superintendent, presented the Safety update. Mr. Ovenell highlighted current Safety Team members, Safety Committees and their work, a focus on building safety and emergency planning, development of the new Crisis and Emergency Guide which will be provided throughout buildings, and next steps for continued safety and security work.

Julie Knight - Chair, Stanwood-Camano School District Safety Committee
Superintendent Rumbaugh announced Julie Knight was unable to attend the meeting and will be recognized for her work as the District Safety Committee Chair at an upcoming staff meeting in her building.

4. Summer School Report - Deborah Rumbaugh
Superintendent Rumbaugh presented highlights of the Summer School Program, including high school credit recovery data, information on the 3rd Grade Summer School Reading Program, and considerations for next year's summer school.

5. Stanwood Middle School School Improvement and Action Planning Update - Tod Klundt
Principal Tod Klundt and Assistant Principal Holly Christmas-Harris provided a detailed review of progress toward development of their School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Annual Action Plan (AAP). The review included data on student needs and supports to address those needs, highlights of the 3-year SIP plan, and AAP goals for students in Literacy and Math and strategies to support those goals.

6. Maintenance Update - Kevin Cruse
Maintenance Manager Kevin Cruse provided a department staffing update, reviewed projects that occurred over the summer, shared areas of celebration within the department, and presented areas of focus, including ongoing compliance work to meet the Clean Buildings Energy Law.

President Hagglund offered the board and members of the public to pull and discuss items specific to the Consent Agenda. There being none, Director Al Schreiber moved to approve the Consent Agenda items 1 through 10; seconded by Director Miranda Evans.

Aye: Directors Al Schreiber, Charlotte Murry, Miranda Evans, Natalie Hagglund

Passed - Unanimously

1. Approve of Donations.

2. Approve the Interagency Agreement with Everett Community College for the 2022-2023 College in the High School Program.

3. Approve the Professional Services Agreement with Bridget Walker, Ph.D. Consulting, Incorporated, to provide Positive Behavioral Program professional development services at district and building levels.

4. Approve the Agreement with ProCare Health for student occupational therapy services.

5. Approve the Memorandum of Understanding with WestEd regarding the PocketLabA1 Classroom Feasibility Study.

6. Approve the Teacher Assignment Outside of Endorsement Area at Lincoln Hill High School for the 2022-23 School Year.

7. Approve the Authorization to Purchase a Food Service Distribution Truck in an amount not to exceed $75,000.00.

8. Approve authorization of Grant Acceptance from the Making Life Work community collaboration for the purchase and installation of a portable at Twin City Elementary.

9. Approve the Personnel Consent Agenda dated September 20, 2022.

10. Approve Bills and Payroll.

Citizens wishing to address the Board are asked to submit online requests using the PUBLIC COMMENT link or email [email protected]two hours prior to the board meeting start time. For those attending the meeting in person, request forms are available in the boardroom for submission prior to meeting start time. Citizens who wish to provide documents to board members will hand them with to the Recording Secretary for distribution after the meeting. The Board President will call upon individuals who have requested to speak during the Public Comment section of the agenda. Individuals will state their name for the record and will be allowed three minutes to speak.
There was no public comment.

There were no items for discussion.


Hunter Sparrow, Stanwood High School, reported on Welcome Back activities including an assembly, morning announcements, freshman orientation, and ASB Officer activities; Homecoming 2022 events including a dance, football game, parade, and coronation and court; and the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL) Fall Western Conference on October 29th to be hosted at Stanwood High School.

Jason Orzel, Lincoln Hill High School, reported the start of school went smoothly and first day student teambuilding events were held; students are hosting a pancake breakfast this Friday; the recent Open House was a success and refreshments were provided by the Booster Club; and there will be an upcoming student volunteer event on October 7, Hope Against Hunger. Jason added the fundraiser supports the Stanwood-Camano Food Bank.


Director Schreiber's comments included welcoming the student advisors and expressing thanks to the following: Robert Hascall and Liz Jamieson for their work with the Making Life Work organization on the $175,000.00 grant; Tod Klundt and Holly Christmas-Harris for their school presentation; Dr. Rumbaugh for the summer school update and including areas considered for improvement in the report; Kevin Cruse for the maintenance report, Maurene Stanton for her work on recruiting and hiring (referencing the Personnel Consent Agenda); and Ryan Ovenell for the emergency briefing. Director Schreiber shared he will be in Vancouver, Washington, this week for a Leadership WSSDA conference and looks forward to sharing district information with others; he will be in Walla Walla in October for another Leadership WSSDA Conference and will miss the October 4 board meeting. Director Schreiber will share conference highlights at a future meeting.

Director Murry welcomed and congratulated the student advisors; thanked all of those who donated, especially for the $175,000.00 donation, adding it is significant for the district and much needed and appreciated. Director Murry thanked those who reported and added she appreciates the energy Kevin Cruse brings to his reports, and shared she appreciates the new format for presenting the improvement plans, adding it is easier to follow and understand and gives ownership to the schools.

Director Evans extended her congratulations and welcome to the Student Advisors, adding she is excited to have them attend meetings. Director Evans commented she is glad to see the district is hosting events in our new buildings and shared with Kevin Cruse that she will get the word out regarding the combined electrician and locksmith position.

Director Hagglund welcomed the student advisors, adding they are doing a great job already. She encouraged them to ask questions, share comments, or send emails and shared the board appreciates their student perspective. Director Hagglund commented she will send a reminder to board members to update their bios for the district website. Director Hagglund provided history around the Making Life Work donation, sharing they are a community collaboration of nonprofits who have decided to get together to address needs in the community; one of their current initiatives is kindergarten readiness and providing funds for a portable at Twin City Elementary for the transitional kindergarten program is part of that initiative. Director Hagglund acknowledged a great start to the school year and shared she looks forward to what's ahead.

Dr. Rumbaugh welcome the student advisors and thanked all of those attending the meeting.

President Hagglund adjourned the meeting at 7:20 p.m.