About Us
The Technology Department supports the staff and students at all facilities districtwide. We provide technical assistance and technology resource management for the Stanwood-Camano School District.

The Technology Department also oversees the projects funded by the expired voter-approved Capital/Technology Levy.
• These levy dollars will replace existing older equipment;
• increase the number of computer labs, mobile labs and student accessible technology at each school;
• improve the student-to-computer ratio;
• increase the curricular tools and online educational resources to schools; support school-home connections with improved communications tools;
• provide online access to student information, grades, and resources; provide professional development and technical support to staff that will impact teaching and learning;
• upgrade infrastructure to meet these emerging technology needs; and replace aging staff computers.  

Contact Us

Internal: 4357 (HELP)
External: 360-629-1320
Fax: 360-629-1244