Program Model

What can I expect from the highly capable program?
Highly capable education in the Stanwood-Camano School District utilizes an accelerated and enhanced instructional design. Teaching strategies include an emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and using technology. The instructional model varies depending on the grade of the student enrolled.

The Stanwood-Camano School District will offer the following learning opportunities:
Students will remain in their home schools where they may receive the following services: differentiated instruction including accelerated learning, advanced instruction, and challenging content provided by the classroom teacher; single subject acceleration in a separate classroom; and/or cluster grouping. With parent approval, students may also be considered for advancement to a higher grade level.

First - Fifth Grade
Most students are placed in multiage classrooms at Twin City Elementary and grouped with other highly capable students for acceleration and extension opportunities in their qualifying area. For those who qualify in the area of math only, students may choose to remain at their home school and be provided differentiated instruction by their classroom teacher. Other options included being clustered in a general education classroom at Twin City Elementary to receive differentiated instruction by their classroom teacher rather than joining the multiage classroom.

Sixth - Eighth Grade
In middle school students will be served in their qualifying area. Those identified in Reading will participate in a multiage humanities block (English/Language Arts and Social Studies). For students identified in math, they may access advanced math placement (Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry). All students identified as highly capable receive advisory services.

High School
Identified students will participate in a variety of Advanced Placement options, College Preparatory classes, College in the High School and/or Running Start.

What if I have questions about my child's education?
The first step when you have a question about your child's education is to ask for an appointment to sit down and talk with your child's teacher. Share what you know about your child, bring examples illustrating your concern and work to partner together for a solution. If you feel you need further assistance, contact the school principal, Highly Capable Program Coordinator, or the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning.

Rona Olson, Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Crysty Auckland, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Highly Capable Program Coordinator
[email protected]

Ben Gauyan Ed. D.
Assistant Superintendent
[email protected]