Bus Behavior Expectations

SCSD Board Policy and WAC 392-145 set forth behavior expectations for students riding school buses.

The school bus ride is considered an extension of the school day and students are expected to behave in a way that is consistent with school/classroom expectations.

School bus drivers are responsible for the supervision of students from the time the bus arrives at the bus stop in the morning, until the time the students are safely unloaded at the school in; and from loading at the school in the afternoon until students are safely unloaded and across the street (if applicable).

Please review the Rules of Conduct for Students Riding School Buses.

Violations of the rules of conduct on buses will be dealt with in a progressive way. Lower level violations will be reported directly to parents by drivers and discipline applied on the bus (i.e. assigned seats, etc.). More serious or exceptional misconduct will be reported to school principals and discipline applied by the principal. Discipline for major misconduct and repeated minor violations may include suspension and or revocation of the student's bus riding privilege, as well as in-school discipline.