ASB Annual Report

Associated Student Bodies (ASB) are formed in schools within the district whenever one or more students in that school engage in money-raising activities with the approval and at the direction or under the supervision of the district, as explained in Board Policy 3510. Information is available about the ASB fund balance at the beginning of the school year, summary data about expenditures and revenues occurring over the course of the school year, and the fund balance at the end of the school year. Please click on the following link to review or download.

Please note: These state reports do not represent typical positive and negative values. The negative, minus sign (-), or (CR) actually indicates a POSITIVE value. We are sorry for any confusion.

2022-2023 ASB Annual Report

2021-2022 ASB Annual Report

2020-2021 ASB Annual Report

2019-2020 ASB Annual Report

2018-2019 ASB Annual Report

2017-2018 ASB Annual Report