Budget Development Guidelines

The School Board established the following guidelines for budget development:

  • Students are the most important part of our schools. Effective student learning is attained best through the smallest class size possible. Therefore, the maintenance of a high quality education through reasonable class sizes in the individual classroom is of paramount importance.
  • Instruction and learning are our highest priorities.
  • Increased levels of academic achievement will be sought for every student.
  • The categorical programs, Food Service, Pupil Transportation, and other specially funded programs will operate as close as possible to their revenue base.
  • The district's Strategic Plan, including vision and mission statements, guides all key decisions.
  • Adequate cash reserves will be maintained for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Instructional materials, purchases, and operational services will reflect funding realities.
  • Legal mandates and contractual obligations will be observed.
  • Levy commitments will be supported.
  • No new program commitments will be made without a reallocation of resources.
  • The extracurricular program contributes to future student success and complements academic learning. Such programs at elementary and secondary levels will receive equitable resources not to undermine support for academic programs.
  • Develop and implement equitable resource allocation models.