Q: If I have already registered my child for kindergarten, is he/she registered for half-day or full day?

A: All students who are registered for Kindergarten will be automatically registered for full-time Kindergarten, which is an all day, every day model like grades 1-12

Q: I have heard that there will be Family Connection (Parent Conference) meetings scheduled. Is this true? When will I have more information about these meetings.

A: The Family Connection meetings will be scheduled during the first three days of school. The purpose of the Family Connection meetings is to provide an opportunity for your child to get to know their teacher prior to the school year beginning. This will make the transition to school a positive experience for them. More information will be coming out from your child’s school in the middle of August.

Q: Is there a half-day option for Kindergarten? Will the half-day option be available in the future or is it only for this first year?

A: The district is required to provide a half-time option for families who feel that this best fits their child’s needs. A half-day option will be available in future years as required by law.

Q: What does the half-day Kindergarten program look like? Can you give me an approximate daily schedule so that I know what my child will be missing if I choose the half-day option?

A: This program will look different than it has in past years. Instead of attending school two or three full days a week, students will attend every day from 9:00-12:30 except on Wednesdays when students will be on a reduced schedule for Late Start. Transportation will be provided in the morning on the way to school, but parents must provide transportation for the half-day program for the mid-day pick up. Parents of children in the half-day program may elect to eat lunch at school or not. Each elementary school will work to focus the morning on core academics. The specific schedules will be shared by each elementary upon requesting half-day Kindergarten.

Q: Am I allowed to change my mind?

A: Parents will have from September 2nd through September 30th to make a decision about their student opting out of All-Day Kindergarten.

Q: What is happening during the day when the half-day kids leave? Will it be obvious that they aren’t staying? What are the other kids doing while the teacher is trying to get the half-day students out the door?

A: A classroom routine will be established for half-day Kindergarten student leaving. Students may be involved in a variety of activities during this time. The activities will depend on the day and the school schedule.

If you have other questions, please feel free to call Teresa Haugstad at 360-629-1237.