tom amy elmore oct 2009.jpgAmy Elmore, mathematics teacher at Stanwood High School, was surprised to learn that she was selected as the October Teacher of the Month.   Mrs. Elmore has been with the Stanwood-Camano School District for 7 years and will be recognized at the Board of Directors meeting October 20, 2009 at 7:00 PM at the Administration and Resource Center.  The public is invited to the meeting to help celebrate this recognition.

The Teacher of the Month recognition program is sponsored by the Stanwood branch of Sterlings Savings Bank. 
Mike Gibson, bank manager, presented Amy with gift certificates from Christine's Restaurant, Anytime Fitness, and Stanwood Cinemas.  

Mrs. Elmore was nominated by Justin Nygaard, a student from Mrs. Elmore's class in 2008-09.  Justin read his nomination to her, it reads:  Mrs. Elmore has influenced many students, including me, in ways that will help me in my future.  Not only has she boosted my math confidence, but she has increased my confidence in life's challenges as well. 

Because of her, I challenged myself to take Advance Placement Calculus, a class I never dreamed of taking.  She has taught me a valuable life lesson of taking pride in whatever it may be and aim for the top and never sell myself short.  She is not only a teacher, but she is a lifelong friend that I will always remember when I think of high school.  I will remember that she transformed our math class from an awkward atmosphere into a more friendly, open environment.  The way she had directed the class made me challenge myself in the Pre-Calculus area and encouraged me to make friends with all types of students, no matter who they appeared to be but, who they were as a person.  She is an outstanding teacher, as well as someone I will continue to look up to.

Congratulations Mrs. Elmore!

The Teacher of the Month recognition award is given monthly throughout the school year, thanks to a partnership between the Stanwood-Camano School District and Sterling Savings Bank with contributions from Christine's Restaurant - $50.00 gift certificate, Stanwood Cinemas - two movie passes, and Anytime Fitness - 7 day pass.  The Teacher of the Month award recipient is selected from nominations that are reviewed by a committee of community members and one school district employee.  If you wish to nominate a teacher or a classified employee go to the district website  Under the main menu choose Families and Students, then choose the nomination for Teacher of the Month or Classified Employee of the Month.